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Would you like to become a volunteer?

Volunteers are an important part of our programs.

Ideal volunteer opportunities for thousands of adults and young people: Volunteering provides:

  •  An outdoor activity
  •  A service that results in joy and growth for people with disabilities
  •  Light physical work and exercise
  •  Interaction with animals in a farm setting
  •  An expanded circle of friends
  •  Intangible rewards in the smiles, progress in skill, and enthusiasm from everyone involved
  •  A chance to help others •
  •  PE hours for home schooled students •
  •  Service hours for service learning students 
  •  Activities for clubs and professional organizations

As a volunteer you can:

  •  Act as a side-walker for mounted participants in the arena
  •  Lead horses during a riding lesson or therapy session
  •  Prepare and tack horses for lessons
  •  Clean tack
  •  Become part of the horse care team
  •  Sit on a Center advisory board Provide professional services such as accounting, legal support or any number of other invaluable “pro bono” work
  •  Perform clerical work in the office
  •  Organize fund-raisers or public relations campaigns
  •  Work toward becoming a PATH Int. Instructor
  •  Some dedicated volunteers eventually transition and become staff   



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Below are the links to our Volunteer Packet and PATH Int. Volunteer Course. Both available for downloading and printing.