Kiki's Personal Inspiration for Our Veterans Services

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Rev. Irvine B. Edgerton

My father, Rev.Irvine B. Edgerton. a local retired, beloved, teacher and DJ in the Sonora area, is the inspiration for our Equine Services for Heroes program here at HeadWinds.

Wounded in the Korean War, he earned three purple hearts in the line of duty, but it was the last of his injuries that put him near death with the possibility of amputation of one of his legs. It was only by the grace of God that he lived to tell his story.

It was the nurse that stood by his side that wouldn’t give up, and although he lost close to seventy-five percent of his leg muscle, doctors were able to save his leg.

He spent years learning to walk again, as he progressively strengthened the muscle he had left. He spent time walking, then running along the beaches of the Pacific Coast in the deep and warming sand and he rode his horse, Copper, an 18 hand high Tennessee Walker, he rescued from an abuser.

I was his second child, born with Cerebral Palsy, whom he put on a horse at the age of five. Knowing the therapeutic benefits as well as the mental and emotional benefits of riding a sentient being like a horse, he encouraged me beyond my limits and to reach for the stars. From that point on, I have carried a love affair with horses. And my father, even though he has since passed, has continued to encourage not only me but many beyond our limits, to reach for the stars, to not only face the headwinds, but soar with them also.

 Kiki Edgerton TRI, ESMHL, CRI